A World Made Mad

In a world made mad
The hawk hunts unwisely
Tempted by
Fat doves fluttering
Like easy pickings
Primed to fill the hungry body.

With masses equally matched
The glide and strike must be good
But the dove knows
The neatly parceled landscape well
And hawk’s wings
Too broad
Whack a fence
While the dove
Flutters into tangled branches.

Weary and hungry
Perched on the fence
The hawk rests from flight and fight
And resigned
Sails away into a hazy blue sky
Where easier prey might abide.

But for man’s blight
The hawk could hunt
Swift and true
And the dove
No longer fat from man’s leavings
Wouldn’t tempt
Hawk to hunt unwisely.

I cry for both
Predator and prey
Striving to live
Driven to live
In a world
Made mad by man.


~ by writermichelle on April 21, 2013.

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