Floral Orgasm

Sweet peas flutter
Where no wind stirs
As a golden light
Bathes the dawn

Straining on roots
Bound in clay
Blossoms shake
Back and forth
Perfume dances on the air

But the bumble bees
Still have not come
While the aging blossoms
Veined and wrinkled

Where are our partners?

Just as the sun kisses
The sweet pea feet
A heavy drone soars in

And the peas laugh
To see his golden chaps
As he do-si-dos
To each blossom
And unwittingly
With a sip of manna
Leaves the seed
For another season

Only then
Do the satisfied blossoms
Drop their petals

Like satin sheets rumpled
From love making.


~ by writermichelle on April 25, 2013.

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