Fade to Black

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Behold the black of Raven’s feather
Iridescence reflection
A rainbow of colors
Birthing Beauty


Like the dark black
In the wombs
We are conceived in


Or the dark
Of ocean depths
Where billowing currents
The contractions of islands


And the black holes
Of space
Where airs supreme
Funnel into fullness
Transmuted by fiery light
Birthing the heavens


All of creation
Starts in


Rekindled Passion for Poetry

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As I find my passion rekindled for the creative outlet of poetry, I felt I needed an ongoing form of inspiration.

For almost a year now I have been gifted with feathers from nature. Recently, the gifts became daily and I felt I was supposed to be doing something with the feathers. In a flash, it seemed that a poem could be inspired by each find.

So, I start this collection with my first feather of this week–a raven’s gift.



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The whole of life

Where there is “yes”
There is also a “no”

Where there is life
Its powered by death

The left turn
Will turn right
Closing the loop
Creating a circle

The whole of life

A Different Kind of Homeless

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In a crowded room
A single within clusters
Like a rogue planet
Without a sun
Not beholden to anything

In the cacophonous world
Like a stone
On the river bank
Hearing everything in its silence

In the rushing waves of humanity
Like the tree
Rooted to earth
An easily found shady tether

We homeless
See and Hear and Witness
From our

And we are called:



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Baptismal water
Hand polished rosary beads

A song of praise
A prayer of gratitude

Silence of meditation
Stillness of yoga

Candle flames
Stained glass windows

Smokey sage

Quiet reflection

However its found
Live with Love

Ode to Dawn

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Good morning
The cool breeze whispers
Stirred by fingers
Of golden sunshine

The air
Fresher and sweeter
The light
kinder and gentler

And nothing is impossible

For hope is born again
Arising in this new day

Good Morning!

Memories of Norma

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A short walk shared

Light and airy
Like feathers
Solid and weighty
Like stones

Thank you for this
Feathery Mosaic

God Speed